Don’t Be Misinformed

Disparate and untimely treasury process and information that is intertwine within a single or multi-subsidiary can be financially costly in this increasingly complex, ever changing and continuing volatile business environment. Aviano’s comprehensive corporate treasury solution is designed to avoid such situation with accurately recorded, properly authorized, appropriately reported and aptly audited treasury process and information.

Know Your Cash Flow Timing

Our solution requires minimal human intervention and is able to enforce segregation of duties and responsibility, thereby eliminating the possibility of having “garbage in - garbage out” treasury information. With this Corporate can forecasts further into the future the cash flows requirements with more confident and reduce variance.

Avoid Stale Information For Decisions

With treasury financial positions updated on-line; the most up to-date information can be available in record time. This capability will enhance financial risks analysis as Treasury personnel can now focus on the real business problems rather than the mechanics of preparing treasury information.

Seamless Process & Information Flow

Subsidiaries within a group of Corporate are linked to a centralised database where all treasury transactions are entered only once or imported effortlessly where processes such as approval, confirmation, settlement, compliance, accounting, market valuation and internal controls are performed seamlessly.

Intelligent Information Anytime, Anywhere, Any-device

A comprehensive solution that simplifies the complex environment of Bank treasury by bringing all crucial intelligent information together into simple yet comprehensive user experience. Timely, credible, accurate and multi-dimensional intelligent information available anytime, anywhere and any-device for precise decision making.


  • Provides consolidated/individual subsidiary borrowing and investment details
  • Provides updated cash-flow projection for the entire group/individual subsidiary
  • Limits defined by individual company is updated on-line
  • International Financial Reporting Standard compliant
  • Accounting entries, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable can be interfaced to different financial accounting systems
  • Expandability and Connection to Other Systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Cash Management, SWIFT, Budget, General Ledgers
  • Provides real-time market risk management
  • Data feed upload is easily interfaced to facilitate the mark-to-market valuation
  • Flexible to accommodate new product creations and new reporting requirements
  • Parameter-driven settings for ease of maintenance

  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Highly Modular
  • Central Database
  • Platform Independent
  • Web Support
  • Thin Client Support